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Focus on Choices, Inc.
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Donna M. Hamler, CEO
About Focus on Choices, Inc. CEO
Focus on Choices, Inc. was founded by Donna M. Hamler in 2002 right here in Cincinnati, OH. Donna has been in the field for over 20 years. She started as a caregiver, there she had a vision, and that vision was to assist as many individuals as she could with Developmental Disabilities (DDS) to obtain independence.

Focus On Choices, Inc. goals are to:
Assist the individuals in reaching their own level of independence.
To provide education, employment, vocational settings and social skills.
It is Focus on Choices, Inc. goal and desire to build family relationships, to strengthen and encourage the individuals in their environment.

Although, being CEO of Focus on Choices, Inc. Donna takes the time to become personally involved in working with the individuals and staff on a daily basis.

Donna's personal goal is to make sure that Focus on Choices, Inc. provides quality service for the individuals that are served. Focus on Choices, Inc. has an OPEN-DOOR policy which allows the individual and their families the opportunity to communicate and interact on a personal level.

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Committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams.
Keys To Our Success
We strive to hire staff members that are dependable, trustworthy, honest and loyal to the company.  

All staff are certified in CPR, First Aid, Delegated Nursing, CPI, (Crisis Prevention Intervention) and work site training.  Several of our staff have participated in the PATHS program and received their certification in this area.

We also have staff that has received C.N.A Certification.  To ensure coverage at all work sites, we contract with a temporary service agency in an event of an emergency.

To Prevent Staff burnout we Provide cross training for all staff, in service training on "managing stress", incentives, rotating schedule, and participate in several teambuilding excercises.

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